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Recent Hunts

I waited 15 plus years to pull the trigger on a turkey.  I decided if I could not get a real trophy I would not compromise on anything less.  On April 16, 2000 this wait came to an end and what a trophy he was. 


It was a gorgeous, sunny Sunday afternoon at the ranch.  I had no sooner pulled in the gate turned the corner and there he was.  He was crossing the road and I have never seen a more beautiful sight.  I was awestruck!! If you have never seen a Rio Grand in all of his glory, you just cannot believe your eyes.  His breast appeared as golden doubloons as the sun radiated on his feathers.   In an instant, I knew this was the bird I have waited for all of these years.  His beard nearly drug the ground and his spurs looked like daggers.


I backed up quickly, got out and the hunt was on.  I let him get 150 yards in front of me and I started calling.  He would pause to  gobble each time I called but he kept going straight as an arrow.  This bird was on a mission and I was too.  I trailed him for nearly a mile with exactly the same result.  Each time I called, he answered but he never turned.  After over an hour of this cat and mouse game, I had a deep inner suspicion of where he may be going. 


I figured at my south fence line he would turn west and go down the fence.  Since I could not even get him to slow down when I called, I decided to take a short cut and cut him off.  I ran through the woods and got about 300 yards in front of where I prayed he would be coming down the fence.  I set up and began calling.  Sure enough, he was coming my way.  Each time I called he answered and he was getting closer.  I could not see him as there was too much timber but I knew he was getting closer.


My heart began to race even much faster than it had been the whole hunt.  At what I figured by his gobbling to be 50 yards away, I became silent.  In a couple of minutes, which seemed like an hour, he came into view.


I had him at the end of a 20 gauge with #3’s.  I was sweating profusely and I thought my heart was going to come out of my chest.  For a moment or two I hesitated.  I had waited over 15 years for this chance and I almost did not want to pull the trigger—I said almost.  The gun exploded and at 20 yards laid the biggest bird I have ever seen.  The #3’s to the neck did the trick and the rest is history.


Jim Pitts, the Grand National award winner turkey taxidermist said that he won the best in the nation with a bird equal to mine about 10 years before.  It was the best he had seen since and was equal to his winning bird.  Russ Horton, Oklahoma State Wildlife biologist said he was truly a remarkable bird. 


Now here are the stats—25 pounds, 11&1/8 inch beard, 1&3/16 inch spurs. 


I have only harvested 1 other turkey since then, it was the fall of 2000 and that is probably the last bird I will harvest on my ranch.  I leave that to my customers and friends.  When you have memory that will last a lifetime, there is no reason to try to improve on it.  I have seen many birds over the last 10 years that equal mine. I will leave these up to you—your memory awaits.

P.B. Odom III 

This one could be yours this year!

     Let's go hunting! Call: +405-691-8797

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     Let's go hunting! Call: +405-691-8797

     Copyright © 2010 Niles Canyon Ranch